DSL Internet Advantages

cable Internet option

When deciding on what type of Internet service to choose it is worth looking at the benefits of each as one may have remarkable similar benefits that specifically meet your needs.

Looking at the benefits of DSL Internet the one thing that stands out the most to me is the independent nature of DSL. For instance, if you lose your high speed Internet due to down time you will still have access to your telephone system to make calls. When you compare DSL to Cable internet in this situation you would have a problem on your hands. What could happen is if your amplifier or repeater were to die with cable service this would also cause your cable TV, Internet, and phone system to all go out at the same time.

Another benefit of DSL Internet is the ease at which the service integrates with Wide Area Network technology. This simply means that you can securely work from home as you connect to your office network much easier compared to cable Internet, see http://kos.net/ today.

DSL internet also has the advantage of offering high guaranteed bandwidth but with cable internet you are only guaranteed that you will receive up to a certain speed as it cannot be guaranteed for an interval of time as you share the bandwidth with all your neighbors.
The line charges charged by the phone company when using DSL Internet are very cheap considering you will likely bundle the service with local phone. Basically you do not have to worry about being charged twice for a line you already use.

Finally, if you plan to download Netflix movies at night and send a burst of Internet traffic down to your computer you will not see a degradation to your Internet service because your line is dedicated for this type of burst in traffic at any time of day.

Broadband Internet Providers in Houston TX

A good way to determine which Houston internet provider you will go with is to think about how you plan on using it.
DSL is a dedicated line and is not shared with your neighbors. You will not have the lag time you get with cable because you are sharing the internet line with all your neighbors.click this link for more info.

DSL offers consistent internet speeds no matter when you choose to watch Netflix, Youtube videos and so forth.
I will mention a couple other choices worth considering and they are wifi and PC aircard internet service. Houston wifi internet is typically available from a T1 line connected to a water tower or large building.
The Houston internet provider will come to your house and install a high gain antenna to capture the signal. This wifi internet is usually a month to month contract and offers fast consistent internet speeds.

This is not an option in all areas of Houston but is worth looking at.

Your last choice is PC card aircard internet service like the type that you can get from AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon. This service is sent from cell towers to a small portable device that can be connected into a laptop.

cable Internet option

They also offer hotspot aircards that allow multiple devices nearby it to wirelessly receive a signal from the internet aircard.

The great thing about a PC card is that it is mobile internet. The downside is that you have a limit on the data plan and must than pay anywhere from 10 – 35 cents per MB you go over.

There are multiple choices regarding internet service in Houston TX and we hope this summary will get you started on your path to just the right service for your needs in Houston.

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