How To Extend Wi-Fi Range?

Having a dependable Brighton internet provider is a very important factor in many people’s lives.  Many use the internet to do their shopping, stay in touch with their friends, as their news source and for work.  Without availability to the internet many lives would not be the same and some people would struggle to do their jobs.  Having a dependable internet is vital to most people.  Many homes and businesses use routers to route their internet reception to their computers, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices that are WI-FI capable.   It is important that all of these items get a good connection.


Most all computers are built with internet capabilities.  There are still some, that are not and require the use of an air card that plugs into one of the USB ports.  This air card connects the computer or laptop to the internet.  With all of these units they must be able to read the connection in order to work properly.  These devices occasionally need to be updated to a newer model so that they are designed to bring in a stronger signal to your device.  These devices can be purchased through your provider or through most any retail store.  When you are purchasing one of these devices you want to get one that has a fast speed and will work with your devices.

Tips For A Better Connection

  • Make sure your router is up to date and no lower standard than an N
  • Make sure that your air card is a current model
  • Never set a router on a metal shelf or cabinet
  • Make sure there is nothing that can block the signal like a brick wall
  • Move your router to a location that is central to most of your devices

Going Online

Your internet provider will normally set up your router for you and make sure that it is establishing a good connection during your installation.  They normally know the tricks to moving it if necessary or to reset the box to help your connection work properly.  Normally a good location for your router is on a shelf that sits up higher; this allows the router to receive a good signal to pull in your service.  The stronger the signal and the more quality equipment that you have, the better of service that you will have for you to search the Web.  If you prefer your internet provider will probably bring out a router when he hooks up your service of course for an additional fee.

There are a variety of different brands, designs and types of routers on the market that is available to bring in your internet service.  With this you should be able to use any of your electronic devices that you can go online with and load your web pages.  With a quality internet service switching pages and loading links should be easy and fast especially if you are lucky enough to get a 4 G service.  When selecting your Brighton internet provider make sure you find one that offers quality customer service and internet.

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