A first in Canada – Quebec introduces provincial right to repair legislation

On June 1st, 2023, the Québec government introduced comprehensive right to repair legislation, a first step to protecting consumer choice in the province.

Among other measures, Bill 29 will protect vehicle owners by giving them access and control of the data generated from their vehicles and acknowledges the right of consumers to own their data so they can continue to have their vehicles serviced and repaired at the auto shop of their choice.

Although there has been no movement on current federal legislation protecting vehicle data, Bill C-244–which AIA Canada supports–addresses the issue of digital locks for the purposes of diagnosis, maintenance, or repair, and is making its way through the House of Commons with the hope that it gets adopted and comes into force.

While this federal legislation is a step in the right direction, parallel amendments to the Competition Act are also needed to help reinforce a manufacturer’s requirement to allow access to diagnostic and repair information, which would address systemic issues around data ownership, provide consumer choice, and allow our small and medium-sized businesses to truly compete.

Quebec has chosen to move swiftly, regardless of the outcome of the federal bill, to protect the province’s auto care sector and consumers. Other provinces and territories may also enact legislation to ensure this critical issue is addressed.

Because diagnostic data is under automakers’ control, Canadians increasingly have no choice for auto repair. Many may have to travel further, wait longer and pay more to get their vehicle repaired at a dealership.

As consumers and independent repair shops continue to grapple with this issue across the country, AIA Canada, together with industry partners, will continue to work with provincial and federal governments to ensure fair rules are put in place for the auto care industry and Canadian consumers.

Please get involved in the campaign to ensure Canadians have a choice when it comes to vehicle repair. Contact your Member of Parliament today using our easy tool and lend your voice to the cause.