AIA Canada advocates for right to repair legislation on Parliament Hill 

Today, AIA Canada members engaged with Members of Parliament (MPs) and key political figures from across the country to advocate for the right to repair, and the importance of Bill C-244 as a stepping stone, and the need for standalone legislation for the auto care industry. 

What we asked MPs, and will continue to do so, is to grant Canadian consumers the power of choice when it comes to auto care. 

The issue of right to repair  

When it comes to servicing and repairing modern vehicles, access to the vehicle’s diagnostic data is vital. Automakers control this data, including how much is made available and who has access to it—including auto repair shops. Without full and equal access to this data, independent auto repair shops cannot service a vehicle.  

As a result, Canadian consumers are faced with less choice for where they go for auto repair and can be limited to only the dealership. The right to repair provides consumers with that choice and allows for continued access to essential, reliable and affordable vehicle service and repair 

How to help 

We encourage all AIA Canada members to help support the right to repair. You can help by: 

  • Speaking with your local MP about the right to repair, its impacts on Canadian businesses and consumers, and the urgent need for legislation. 
  • Share our message on social media channels by using the #Right2RepairCA 

Learn more about the tools available to advocate for the right to repair

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