Right to repair on Parliament Hill

This morning, AIA Canada and a group of 20 members from across the country met with Members of Parliament (MPs) and other political decision-makers to raise our concerns about the right to repair and its impact on our sector.

The day kicked off with a parliamentary breakfast, attended by 25 MPs, and included an all-party panel discussion. Members then held one-on-one meetings with their local representatives to discuss this issue in-depth so that government can better understand the impact on the future of our $32 billion sector along with the livelihoods of thousands of hard-working Canadians.

Our ask to MPs today was very specific: Give Canadian consumers a choice when it comes to auto repair.

Automakers must share vehicle data with anyone the consumer chooses, which would remove the current practice where many automakers are making it more difficult, more expensive and sometimes impossible to access repair information and tools.

How can you help?

We encourage all AIA Canada members to help support this push for a Right to Repair bill. Please help us by:

  • Speaking with your local MP about the importance of Right to Repair legislation (see our website for tips)
  • Share our message on your social media channels using #Right2RepairCA, here’s an example:

(tag your MP) Canadian consumers should have the right to choose who fixes their vehicle and who can access the data to do it. We support the @AIAofCanada push for #Right2RepairCA legislation to protect our $32 billion auto care industry and thousands of Canadian jobs.