La pétition en faveur du droit à la réparation présentée à la Chambre des communes

After receiving over 1780 signatures – well surpassing our goal – we are excited to announce that our Right to Repair petition was officially presented in the House on June 23, 2022. Thank you to our members, partners and concerned citizens for helping us reach this milestone. This outcome would not have been possible without your efforts and support.

MP Brian Masse on the side of the aftermarket

Sponsored by Member of Parliament (MP) Brian Masse, our petition calls on the Federal Government to move quickly to pass legislation which acknowledges the right of consumers to own their data so they can continue to repair their vehicle at the auto repair shop of their choice.

We invite you to join us in thanking Mr. Masse for his ongoing support. If you can spare a couple of minutes, please consider sharing your thanks on social media. Here’s a suggested social post that you can copy and customize for your own organization:

« Thank you @BrianMasseMP for recently presenting the #RightToRepair petition, which reflects strong support from Canadians for their right to own their data and choose where they get their vehicle repaired. We urge the government to move quickly to pass fair legislation. #cdnpoli »

The government is now required to respond within 45 calendar days from the date it was presented.

As momentum for right to repair legislation in Canada continues to build, we need to keep the pressure on!Now is a critical time to be heard on this issue, and ensure all political parties get behind this.

Bill C-244 – what you need to know

The government will be turning its attention to the right to repair file in the fall, with the study of Bill C-244, An Act to amend the Copyright Act (diagnosis, maintenance and repair). While this bill is a step in the right direction, it does not go far enough. Significant amendments are needed to ensure that, if passed, this legislation makes sense for the aftermarket and Canadian consumers.

We need to relay the need for changes to Bill C-244 to MPs this summer. When they return in the fall, they need to know that there is a problem to solve. The summer break is an opportune time to communicate your concerns face-to-face with your Member of Parliament in their home ridings.

Take part

Help us get our message across by engaging with your MP this summer! All the tools you need can be found at

AIA Canada is always available to help. For more information, please reach out to Alana Baker, Senior Director of Government Relations at