Make your voice heard: Urge the passing of Bill C-244 for the protection of your Right to Repair

Bill C-244, a federal Private Member’s Bill introduced by Member of Parliament Wilson Miao, is an important starting point to truly pave the way for standalone right to repair legislation for vehicles.

Send a letter to government now through our pre-populated form at the bottom of this page to urge its swift passing.

Entitled An Act to amend the Copyright Act (diagnosis, maintenance and repair), the bill creates an exemption to copyright and digital locks, when they are circumvented for the purpose of the diagnosis, maintenance or repair of certain types of products.

This legislation is a step in the right direction when it comes to leveling the playing field for the service and repair of consumer goods, and comes at a critical moment when manufacturers of these goods, including cars, have gotten increasingly sophisticated in their ability to create a closed-loop for service, diagnostics and repair. With the rapid advancements in new vehicle technology, the preservation and protection of consumer choice and affordable vehicle repair are urgently needed.

An exciting milestone, Bill C-244 unanimously passed in the House of Commons last October and is now being studied in the Senate.

 The Senate study is the last hurdle to clear in order to make this bill law and we need your help to get this legislation passed as quickly as possible.

In order to do so, we are asking you to send, in just a few clicks, a pre-written letter to members of the Standing Committee on Banking, Commerce and the Economy, who are tasked with reviewing this legislation.

Consumers deserve the right to repair their vehicles at the auto shop of their choice! Please send your letter today and share this message far and wide. We need to make sure that decision makers understand what’s at stake.

Email the Senate Committee on Banking, Commerce and the Economy members